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The Creative Process in the Individual -  Spring 2018

This class is based on the book by the same name by Thomas Troward, one of the fathers of New Thought who had an immense impact on Ernest Holmes. Troward is a master of bridging the inner world of thoughts and the physical universe. This work explains the nature of creative action, beginning with the formation of the universe and ending with a vista of infinite possibilities attainable by the individual. Troward relies on the maxim that, "Principle is no bound by precedent," and by the premise that we are not only able, but also required, by the law of our own being, to take a more active part in our personal evolution than has ever occurred in the past. 

In this class, with the guidance of Troward's wisdom, we will learn to harness the power of the Creative Mind. With command of our creative powers, we can each manifest our potential and offer our unique gifts to the world. This course will expand your thinking and your world of possibilities.  

Instructor: Christy Semple, RScP


The Creative Process in the Individual, by Thomas Troward

The Science of Mind, ​by Ernest Holmes 

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The Essential Ernest Holmes - Winter 2018

This course is a loving tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all the wisdom he brought to our world. The course is based upon "What We Believe." Each week, the student has the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of the teaching come alive in her/his life. Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find inner Truth.  

Instructor: Christy Semple, RScP


The Essential Ernest Holmes 

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Prosperity Plus II - Harnessing Your Invisible Power - Fall 2018

Prosperity Plus II is a continuation of the dynamic Prosperity Plus I 10-week program that teaches a new way of living based on the spiritual practices of an abundant life. In Prosperity Plus II, Mary Morrissey offers more lessons to teach you how to positively impact your life in a way that allows you to move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity, and promise. Through the study and application of these prosperity teachings, you have the opportunity to create the quantum shift necessary to open doors to new levels of abundance in ALL areas of your life!

Facilitator: Christy Semple, RScP


Prosperity Plus II Student Kit