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Sunday Services

Sunday mornings at 10:30am

Practitioners available for healing work after each service

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Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) for Unexpected Income

There is One God, One Source, One Infinite Good everywhere present.  Its nature is Infinite Abundance.

I live, move, and have my Being in this One, as this One. I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of God is my Infinite Source. Abundance is my natural, true state.

The Divine Spirit prospers me in every possible way. The good which blesses me, blesses all people.

The Infinite Law of Mind does Its perfect work, revealing blessings of goodness and plenty through me.

As an expression of the true infinite good of life, I am provided abundant channels of unexpected income.  I am open to unexpected money coming to me in unusual and wonderful ways. Today I expect and gratefully accept unexpected income, gifts, and invitations.  I know Spirit leads me in a more abundant life, rich with ideas and opportunities. The infinite mind of God provides for me in wondrous ways.

Today I joyfully expect every good thing to come to me.  I see myself enjoying the plentiful flow of substance in my life.  I circulate good with peace and freedom knowing my Source is Infinite.  I feel the wonderful peace of mind knowing that the good I experienced yesterday is multiplied today.

I am thankful for Life’s abundance and prosperity.  I rejoice in the demonstration of my word.

Thank you God!  And So It Is