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Unexpected Income Program basics

  • Commit to a new experience around abundance
  • Sign up (above)
  • Receive your welcome packet
  • Follow the instructions (in the packet) for daily spiritual practice or meditation on receiving your Good
  • Keep track of the unexpected money that flows into your life (download a Tracking Form by clicking the button below)
  • Keep 90% of it!
  • Share 10% of it with CSL Greater Pittsburgh
  • Experience a new way of living when it comes to your abundance and prosperity!

Unexpected Income Program

Welcome to CSL Greater Pittsburgh's 2017 Unexpected Income Program!
If you are new to this concept, you may be wondering: "What is unexpected income?”  

This is income over and above your current, “expected” income.  

Many of us consider our income to be set at a certain amount. We know that we receive a paycheck or other income at regular intervals and expected times but we may not  be in the habit of looking for unexpected income. And we know from studying Truth principles that energy flows where our attention goes, so let's take that principle and put it to work for ourselves when it comes to our income!

Unexpected income can include bonuses, raises, coupon savings, tax refunds (if we are tithing on our net instead of gross income), or other influxes of money that comes to us outside of regular channels . It also shows up in our lives as someone buying your lunch or a mechanic saying “No charge!” after providing a service to you.  

The key point in shifting to a recognition of Unexpected Income lies in understanding (knowing!) that Life is infinite and limitless in Its ability to bring Good into our lives. The Unexpected Income program is a tool that helps us shift our consciousness so that we look for — and begin to expect! — more and more of the natural, normal abundance that the Universe has for us.

This program is fun and inspiring!  Share your demonstrations with others on our Facebook page and remember that power flows toward and increases that to which we give our attention.

The more we focus our attention on the many unexpected channels of good flowing through us and into our experience, the more we will see show up! 

In his book How to Have "Unexpected” Income, John Wolcott Adams says, “You can cause unexpected income to manifest in your life regularly.  There is a way to make it a happy habit, and that is through your own thinking.  The secret is to create within your thinking the expectancy of extra money.”

Demonstrating abundance and plenty is our birthright.  With wisdom, knowledge, and practice we can increase our experience of abundance and prosperity.  To support our journey into deeper wisdom and knowledge, beginning Thursday, January 5th, CSL Greater Pittsburgh is offering a 4-week class: Prelude to Prosperity that is a wonderful preamble to our coming Prosperity Plus journey that begins in February.

In the meantime, as part of our Unexpected Income program, we are delighted that our Practitioners will give Spiritual Mind Treatment for each participant in the program at least twice every week from January 15 until April 15.

Join now (fill out the form on this page) and make your 2017 a different kind of year in your finances and beyond!

We'll track our collective progress here