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Love Offerings for Classes & Workshops

Questions & Answers

  1. The first consideration for many will be whether they can afford a class or workshop.
    • CSL Greater Pittsburgh is a Teaching Chapter and as such, we are dedicated primarily to TEACHING Science of Mind and Spirit (SOMAS) and related principles. Our goal is your spiritual education.
    • We're here to serve your learning needs - so whatever your financial circumstances may be at this time, you will have access to learning at CSL Greater Pittsburgh.

  2. The 2nd consideration for many will be what is expected.
    • There are no expectations in terms of an amount when a class or workshop is listed on a Love Offering basis, however; many people like to know what the tradition or history has been.
    • Historically participants have given from $5 to $20 for each class session (e.g. $25 to $100 for a 5-week class) 
      • For some, this will be easy to accomplish. For others, this may be too much and still others may find they are inspired to go well beyond these amounts.
    • We provide this ONLY as a data point and not as a requirement. Follow your HEART and do so within the confines of what your budget can support at the time.

  3. The 3rd consideration around payments is timing.
    • This is flexible as well. Love offerings may be submitted each week, halfway through the course or at the end.
    • These donations may be made via PayPal, or by sending a check to us at our P.O. Box.
    • Whether using PayPal or sending a CHECK, we ask that you indicate clearly which class or workshop the money is intended to support. This helps us with our recordkeeping!

If a class or workshop indicates that the cost/fee is a Love Offering as opposed to a set fee or tuition, you may wonder how that works. Here's a GENERAL GUIDE to deciding on your contributions in these instances.

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** payments for services rendered, including classes/workshops, are generally not considered to be tax deductible and will not be reflected on year-end giving record summaries. **

For answers to specific questions, send us an email.