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I have been a Science of Mind (SOM) Practitioner for two years. I didn't start out with a goal of becoming a practitioner; I was really just on my own spiritual growth path and things evolved from there.  The teachings of SOM have been invaluable to me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I feel fortunate that I was in the middle of my practitioner coursework when I received a breast cancer diagnosis.  What I was learning helped me sail through the chemo, surgery and radiation with no ill effects. I consider that experience to be a blessing because it gave me knowledge and compassion for something I previously knew nothing about.

I have had training in suicide prevention, domestic violence, hospice and dementia care.  I work part time for Home Instead Senior Care.  I volunteer at a memory care unit in a nursing home on Wednesday afternoons and I am the volunteer head of the local library's book repair team.
I am a Pittsburgh native, but lived in Davis, California for 18 years.  My husband Al and I retired back to Pittsburgh in 2001 to be near life-long friends and family. I have a daughter and four step children. Together, my husband Al and I have 10 grandchildren, ranging in age from 6 months to 23 years. One of our grandsons lived with us from the time he was 8 until he was 20. After he left, our 18-year old granddaughter immediately moved in. Al and I have been married for 25 years. 

The teachings of Science of Mind are very important to me and I enjoy helping others to know the joy of applying these principles in their lives.

​Linda may be contacted by email at or by phone: 412.478.6163

In 2005 I came across my first Center for Spiritual Living in Pittsburgh PA.  The information and teachings resonated with me on a deep level. It contained the essence of my beliefs regarding spirituality. I was elated to know that there were other people and organizations that expressed the spiritual principles without the dogma attached to it as well as the idea of being, “open at the top”, to allow for conscious expansion.

I began to take classes in 2008 to engage with like-minded people and found them to be engaging and fun. In my studies I learned the principles and technique of spiritual mind treatment (also known as affirmative prayer). I was moved to complete my training as a licensed spiritual practitioner adding to my other healing practices a powerful tool for transformation. Other methods of energy work that I do include Shiatsu, Reiki, Qigong and massage. I have also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and various forms of meditation.

My professional life over the past 20 years has been in healthcare as a certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist. We operate the heart/lung machine during open heart surgery which includes coronary bypass, valves, heart and lung transplants and aortic surgery repair while managing the patient’s physiologic requirements. We also manage patients on a 24/7 heart/lung support known as ECMO in the intensive care unit. It has been an exciting career allowing me to experience life in many unique dimensions.

I am passionate about the study of the human being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Observing the multifaceted interplay and appreciating the expanded knowledge and understanding in all of these realms. Although we are basically composed of the same thing we are each individualized expressions of the Divine experiencing this life through our own unique experiences and perceptions.

​I enjoy supporting and sharing whatever gifts I have to enhance the experience of every individuals journey.

Irene may be contacted by email at: or by phone: 412.414.4348

Irene Kennedy, RScP

Christy Semple, RScP

Linda Bennett, RScP

A friend, Barbara Witherspoon, introduced me to the Center in the fall of 1997, and it was the beginning of a whole new life for me. I began to take classes right away, and shortly thereafter joined the Board of Trustees. As I grew in my understanding of the Science of Mind, I applied the principles in many aspects of my life and demonstrated a job (after “trying” so hard to get one for a year and a half), greater financial abundance (after years of challenges in this area), new relationships, and greater good in many ways. In October of 2008, my husband Rick and I celebrated the birth of our daughter Rosalie, a glorious demonstration of spiritual mind treatment practice and principles learned at the Center.  Since 1997, I have consistently taken classes and served on the Board of Trustees for five consecutive terms as Secretary. I have represented the Center twice at the annual Asilomar Conference, in 2001 and 2005. On September 24, 2006 I was presented my practitioner’s license and now serve as a Religious Science Practitioner for the Center.  I am very proud and grateful to be part of the Center leadership, and I do it with passion and dedication.  It has been a tremendous experience to learn and grow in the teaching and practice applying it in Center matters and all aspects of my life.

Christy may be contacted by email at or by phone: 412.741.7246