​​What We Believe

One God
We affirm the existence of one living Spirit Almighty – an indestructible, absolute, and self-existent Cause. While this One manifests throughout all creation, it remains distinct and unaffected by its creations. The entire universe represents the body of God, a logical outcome of God's infinite self-knowingness.

Everything is Spirit
We recognize the individualization of Spirit within each person, understanding that all individuals are manifestations of the One Spirit.

Personal Immortality
We embrace the eternal, immortal, and continuous nature of each individual soul, forever expanding.

Heaven on Earth
Heaven is an internal state that we unlock as we become conscious of it within ourselves.

Personal Freedom
The ultimate life goal is complete freedom from all forms of discord, a goal achievable by all.

Unity of All Life
We affirm the unity of all existence, recognizing the highest and innermost God as one.

Personification of God
God is a personal experience for those who sense the indwelling Presence.

Personal Revelation
Truth is directly revealed through our intuitive and spiritual nature, accessible to anyone in close connection with the indwelling God.

Universal Law 
​The Universal Spirit, or God, operates through a Universal Mind – the Law of God. We are continually surrounded by this Creative Mind, which responds to our thoughts.

Spiritual Healing
We believe in healing the sick through the power of this Creative Mind.

Personal Power
Conditions can be influenced and controlled through the power of this Creative Mind.

Goodness of God
We affirm the eternal Goodness, Loving-kindness, and Givingness of Life to all.

We believe in the inherent value of our own soul, spirit, and destiny, understanding that the life of all is God.


​Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSL Greater Pittsburgh?
CSL Greater Pittsburgh is a welcoming community that provides spiritual tools to transform your life and contribute to a better world. We teach powerful principles for personal and global transformation, help you connect with Spirit, promote an accepting and respectful community, provide classes, programs, prayer, meditation, and create a safe space for like-minded individuals interested in living a spiritual life. We're part of a global organization called Centers for Spiritual Living.

Who founded Centers for Spiritual Living? What is Science of Mind?

Dr. Ernest Holmes founded Centers for Spiritual Living, and he outlined the core beliefs of this spiritual movement in his book, ""The Science of Mind."" Science of Mind is the core teaching that combines spiritual truths with science and physics, teaching the unity of all life. It's about choosing positive and productive thoughts to shape your reality.

What is a Science of Mind Practitioner?
A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is an individual with a deep spiritual consciousness who understands the spiritual nature of life. They maintain a personal relationship with the Divine Presence and are trained in the study of the Science of Mind. This training includes the art and practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer.

A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is dedicated to sacred study, service, and compassion for others. They are licensed as Professional Practitioners and offer spiritual treatment and support to those seeking guidance and healing.

Is Science of Mind a real science?
Science of Mind sees science and spirituality as complementary. Many quantum physicists support the idea that the universe is energy, and we believe in using the laws of nature to prove spiritual principles. You can experiment with these principles to see results.

Is CSL Greater Pittsburgh related to Scientology? Is CSL Greater Pittsburgh associated with Christian Science?
No, we're not related to Scientology, and we're not affiliated with Christian Science.

Do people who practice Science of Mind go to doctors? What is the role of prayer at CSL Greater Pittsburgh?
Yes, we believe in the power of both prayer and modern medicine. We often work with doctors and health practitioners to facilitate healing. We honor all forms of prayer, but we also teach Affirmative Prayer, a powerful method to manifest your intentions.

Is CSL Greater Pittsburgh a Christian organization? Does Science of Mind believe in Jesus Christ?
Our philosophy draws from the Christian tradition, but it's open to people of all backgrounds. We acknowledge Jesus as a great teacher and example of how to express divinity in human form. We believe in the divinity of all individuals.

Is CSL Greater Pittsburgh a cult?

No, we encourage independent thinking and personal responsibility.

Is CSL Greater Pittsburgh a "New Age" organization?

We're a New Thought philosophy that incorporates ancient wisdom from various spiritual traditions. We welcome people of all backgrounds.

Are Centers for Spiritual Living communities places for healing? What is the role of meditation at CSL Greater Pittsburgh?
Yes, our communities often witness transformative healings and life changes. Meditation strengthens your understanding of your inner power and the unity of all life.

What is the role of affirmation at CSL Greater Pittsburgh? Does Science of Mind believe in miracles?
Affirmations help you set powerful intentions by speaking about your good as a present reality. Yes, we believe in the potential for miracles in everyday life.

What does Science of Mind believe about heaven, hell, the devil, and sin?

We see heaven and hell as states of mind, not physical places. We believe in one power, which is God. There is no devil in our philosophy. We believe in personal responsibility and that our thoughts and choices create our experiences.

What does Science of Mind believe about death and reincarnation?
We see life as eternal, and death as a transition. We believe we are more than our physical bodies, and we remain open to various ideas about life after death due to our belief in the infinite potential of life.

How does CSL Greater Pittsburgh promote community involvement?
We actively engage in various community service and outreach programs, encouraging our members to make a positive impact in the broader community.


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Science of Mind

The Science of Mind® (SOM): Unifying the Spiritual and Material Realms

At the heart of Centers for Spiritual Living lies the Science of Mind, a philosophy that harmonizes spiritual truths with principles from science and physics. In essence, it asserts the interconnectedness of all life. According to this teaching, intentions and ideas traverse a field of consciousness, actively shaping the world we experience—a concept shared by major religions and supported by psychology and quantum physics.

In the Science of Mind, we emphasize the transformative power of consciously choosing positive and constructive thoughts, encapsulated in the principle: “As you think, so you become.”

Centers for Spiritual Living is dedicated to applying Science of Mind principles as a positive force in the world, fostering personal transformations.

Here, we view the realms of religion and science as complementary forces. We anticipate that ongoing scientific exploration will substantiate the timeless wisdom of mystics regarding the nature of God, humanity, and the Universe. Indeed, contemporary quantum physicists are already unveiling a universe composed of indestructible, infinitely intelligent energy.

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