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Forgiveness Workshop Part II

Date TBD

Cost: Love offering

Location: Zoom
  Meeting ID:  858 7342 4152

  Passcode: 939990

Facilitated by Will Brand, RScP and Maryellen Haddock, RScP

Join us for the exploration of Forgiveness, what it mean, what it does and how to do it.

3, 6, 9

According to Nikola Tesla, the numbers 3 6 9 serve as a key to the universe due to the power they hold over the laws of attraction.  They give us the inner strength to tap into higher realities, dispel negative thoughts, and attract abundance, among other life changing benefits.

Project 3 6 9 is an opportunity for us to tap into the power that is within all of us.  We are all master manifestors and creators of our reality.  

We are using a book called 'Project 369' as a guide, but you can do this practice with or without it.

Registration not needed.  Join us on the Second Tuesday of the  Month at 6:00 pm via Zoom


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