Weekly Meditation With Will
Thursday Mindfulness Meditation Class

Join us every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom for a transformative mindfulness meditation class led by Will Brand, RScP, and his team of experienced meditation practitioners.

This class provides a structured, welcoming space for both beginners and advanced students to practice Shamatha meditation, also known as mindfulness meditation. Sessions begin with a reading from one of Pema Chodron's insightful books, to help set the tone for the practice, followed by twenty minutes of silent meditation. The class then opens up for discussion to share our individual experiences and deepen our understanding of mediation while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment.

Whether you are new to meditation or new to Shamatha practice, we offer basic meditation instructions to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported. Shamatha meditation translates to "peaceful abiding," and serves as the foundation of many Buddhist practices. It develops our ability to sit quietly, cultivating a calm and peaceful mind, which in turn enhances clarity and fosters a profound awareness of the present moment.

Will Brand brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our class. He studied Tibetan Buddhism at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Pittsburgh from 2009 to 2014 under the guidance of Acharya Adam Lobel. During a six-month retreat at the Shambhala meditation retreat center, Karma Chöling, Will took his Refuge Vows and completed several courses of practice in the Vajrayana tradition. His inspiration for this online meditation group stems from his role as a facilitator for the "Heart of Recovery" group at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Los Angeles, California.

We look forward to meditating with you on this heart-felt journey of self-discovery.


📅  Every Thursday 
🗣️  Will Brand, RScP

⏰  7:00 pm EST
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Treatment Night: A Monthly Healing Service
On the first Wednesday of each month, join us for Treatment Night, a special gathering led by Rev. Mary Ann Trifaro. It's an evening devoted to fostering spiritual support, personal growth, and building connections within our community.

The session begins with a heartfelt check-in, allowing each participant to share their experiences. We encourage everyone to highlight a positive moment and reflect on a situation that, at first, may not have seemed like a blessing but revealed important lessons upon closer examination.

As prayer requests are shared, the collective energy of the group amplifies the intention for healing and well-being. Each request is met with a treatment—an affirmative prayer aimed at invoking the transformative power of spiritual healing.

Following the treatments, we open the floor for Q&A, fostering a supportive environment for sharing insights, reflections, and the lessons learned during the session. The evening concludes with a closing prayer, leaving you uplifted and connected.

Join us for Treatment Night and experience the profound healing energy of collective prayer, supportive community, and the wisdom of Rev. Mary Ann Trifaro.

​See you at our next gathering!

📅  1st Wednesday of the Month

​🗣️  Rev. Mary Ann Trifaro

⏰  7:00 pm EST

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 "Project 3 6 9" Class
Embark on a transformative journey with our monthly "Project 3 6 9" class, a unique exploration inspired by the cosmic wisdom of Nikola Tesla and the mystical significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Uncover the profound influence of these numbers on the laws of attraction, providing you with inner strength to connect with higher realities, dispel negativity, and manifest abundance, among other life-changing benefits.

In this empowering class held on the second Tuesday of every month, we invite you to recognize and tap into the inherent power within you. As master manifestors and creators of our reality, "Project 3 6 9" presents a golden opportunity to unlock the extraordinary potential within. Whether you choose to follow the guidance of the 'Project 369' book or embark on this transformative journey independently, the power to manifest positive change is yours to explore.

Join us monthly in delving into the magic of manifestation and discover the secrets to creating a life filled with abundance, positivity, and self-realization. Your transformative journey begins here—let's manifest together! 

📅  2nd Tuesday of the Month
🗣️  Hayley Brugos

⏰  6:00 pm EST

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Embark on a transformative learning experience with our array of classes and workshops. From foundational spiritual teachings to practical tools for daily living, each session is crafted to illuminate your path to personal growth. Join our community in exploring the depths of spiritual wisdom and fostering connections that uplift and inspire. Unleash your potential and navigate life with newfound clarity. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery at CSL Greater Pittsburgh.


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